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About myself

I am an urban planner who has a multi-disciplinary expertise across artificial intelligence, computer science, data engineering, data science, big data analytics, geography, geographic information systems, network/graph analysis etc. I have worked in both academia and industry for the past 10 years across almost all the above disciplines. Currently, I am an academic at University of New South Wales, Sydney researching on application of AI in Planning. I cook really well. I love maintaining & customising my gear (computers, keyboards, car etc.). I like some outdoorsy stuff camping, kayaking, hiking etc. I love making small, interactive tools and visualisations. I am active on reddit which shows the kind of stuff I am usually interested in.

About the blog

This is my personal blog. I started writing blogs in 2005 when I was 17. Back then a blog was the closest thing to a webpage I could create for myself. I loved the fact that I had a location on the “world wide web” with my name and picutre on it. Eventually social media websites took this novelty out of blogs and people’s online identity switched to their Orkut, Facebook, IG, GitHub etc. profiles. I never got 100% on this bangwagon. I not only disliked the fact that I had no control over these profile pages but also dreaded the eventual shutdown of these services resulting in the loss of my online identity. Considering this, I have always maintained a blog for myself and will maintain one for the forseeable future.

This blog, like my previous blogs is a mixture of everything. A collection of my knowledge, opinions, ideas and thoughts in the realm of Urban Planning, Computer Science, Information Technology, Geography and Artificial Intelligence. It might also get sporadic personal updates.