AR and ABM with Unity + NyARtoolkit

This work was done as a part of the group project we are doing in the Spatial Simulation and Modelling module in the M.Res, CASA. The project team is Daniel Lam, Ayana Kito, Nicola Clark and myself and the overall theme is “Living city”. As a part of the exploratory phase I was working on Augmented Reality(AR), 3D (glasses) and Kinect as potential tools for the project. The idea for the exercise was to explore to find out the most suitable tools available to implement a strong AR component and to make a demo to demonstrate what can be done with them. The result is as below.

This a screen grab from the unity application running the scene. The model and moving agents were done by Dan (link). The AR is built using NyARtoolkit from here. The challenge here was to understand the workings of the NyARtoolkit for unity which has virtually zero documentation and tutorials  online, which I think have been overcome substantially. After 2 weeks of (inefficient) work on this now I am considering shifting the whole focus to figure out the other plugin for AR – Vuforia by Qualcomm. Will be posting regularly on futher developments regularly.

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