Augmented Reality + Heritage Conservation

We (Kostas, Daniel Lam and I ) have finally finished an augmented reality based app for an exhibit at the “Almost Lost: London’s Buildings Loved and Loathed” exhibition organised by English heritage at Quadriga Gallery, Wellington Arch. The event ( ) is going to be open until 2nd Feb – if anyone is interested in the architectural conservation history of london.

Our work in the exhibit was to build an AR app which adds animations (smoke,people, carriages) to a physical model and also augments it with the current day 3D buildings in the same area and RAF imagery. Screen Shots of the app (in the making) are below. The press coverage of the event can be seen at and .

Credits: 3D model of Bloomsbury by Blom

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    An interesting use of augmented reality moving from an initial project we did to augment over a map, we now augmented a physical model. The physical model was created by Billy Dickinson at Central Saint Martins of 19th Century Bloomsbury. To add layers over the physical model we created our application with Unity and Vuforia and incorporated some RAF flyover imagery from the English Heritage Archives from the 1930s and a photorealistic 3D model of 21st Century Bloomsbury, courtesy of Blom UK.

    The result is that we have various methods of representations across three centuries to compare against for the same area. I find it somewhat difficult to really explain the idea behind this exhibit based solely on the idea of conservation because it also has a contrast in technology as an aspect. The whole exhibit focuses on using the latest digital technology and using them to simulate or mock up what could of been and how things currently are represented in digital form.

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