Clicker – A simple app to record pedestrian footfall precisely

I have finally published an app on the app store! It is called Clicker and it is a simple app I made for my research to count pedestrians on the sidewalk but it can be used to count incidence of any activity over time. The interface is as simple as it gets – open the app,¬† touch the screen to record any activity and the timestamp for every click is recorded (appended) in a csv file named with the current date in the folder “Manual Counts”. This file can be accessed by a file manager later and exported for analysis. A demo for the app is shown below,

update v2: With version 2 the data can be sent directly with any application (Gmail, WhatsApp etc) by long pressing the screen.

update v3: With the version 3 pedestrian walking direction can be differentiated by left and right buttons at the bottom of the screen.

The app is on google playGet it on Google Play

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