tmap installation in R under Arch linux

This is a small quirk I solved recently so wanted to document here. Recently I moved my desktop at work from ubuntu to arch linux. To be honest, it went surprisingly well. Every single thing I had in ubuntu migrated nicely to arch with just one exception – tmap package in R.

The “tmap” package depends on “v8” package which in turn depends on v8 library  in linux specifically version 3.14. This library is not available under pacman (arch package manager) and had to be compiled from AUR package. It seemed easy enough until it turned out that the package needed to update gyp which moved its source code from svn to git. While I could still compile it by modifying the PKGBUILD file, it resulted in segmentation faults while actually loading v8 package in R. After meddling with it for sometime I eventually gave up and decided to just wait for the update for tmap rather than wasting time on it. But I fixed it this week!

The trick is a two step install with yaourt (separate package manager for AUR). First we need to install yaourt and then both v8-3.14 and v8-3.14-bin package using yaourt after which tmap installs and works perfectly in R

yaourt -S v8-3.14
yaourt -S v8-3.14-bin


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