Webkit Speech API and Google Maps

For the past couple of weeks in addition to working for the dissertation project, I was working sporadically on a demo of a speech integrated map using x-webkit-speech API provided by Google Chrome and Google Maps JavaScript API.Now that the dissertation is over, here is the final polished version of the demo, (http://goo.gl/pqYUsN)

Demo for mixing -x-webkit-speech and google maps API

The current functions available with this map are,

1) Speak to navigate – Click on the microphone button (or  click “ctrl+alt+.” ) on the text box and start speaking. The field will recognise when you stop speaking, analyse and interpret the sound as text and if it is a place,  takes you right to place you just spoke.

2) Zoom and Pan – you can use the same trick with some preliminary commands as well, the system as of now understands ,

east direction“, “west direction“, “south direction” and “north direction” will pan the map in the corresponding direction.
zoom in/ zoom out ” zooms the map.

3) Other commands,

satellite – switches the map to a satellite map
simple – switched the map to, above shown simplified default look and feel.

As usual, I request the readers to give it a try and share the results & problems in the comments section below. Also feel free to put in your suggestions and point out any mistakes.

4 thoughts on “Webkit Speech API and Google Maps”

  1. well its an awesome program…but still i think it has some problem with voice recognition. when i say norway it reads as “norman”. it might be a my pronunciation problem. this thing looks so awesome.

    1. Speech recognition API of Google is not as seamless as people would like it to be, but still most of the problems with accents can be resolved by choosing a specific accent while using the API. This map currently uses the generic “English” which can be changed into “Indian English” for better results. I will add this functionality and tell you when it is there.

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